St. Francis Xavier Education Center

Melda with the teachers and children before the school.

The St. Francis Xavier Education Center is an early childhood development and education center found in Rairi village in Kanyadhiang close to Kendu Bay in Kenya. It was founded on 24 May in 2010 by an administrator called Melda Achieng Amwata. She had only six pupils at that time.

The school started at the community Handicraft Center in a hall where the women used to spin cotton into yarn. After six years of operation, the County Government wanted to start a cottage industry for the community. The school had to move from the Handicraft compound to the home of Melda’s husband George Otieno Bonyo. A makeshift structure was built there to be used as classrooms.

The school has since then progressed well producing pupils of high caliber who have excelled in different fields of their lives.