18 November 2018

I stayed with Hansa, Lang, and Jalmar for three weeks and it certainly was a very interesting time. At first, it felt lonely and awkward. After a few days, I started to understand how things worked, I found out where the fridge was and also got to know the other Wwoofer that was there, and things got better.

We work from Tuesday to Saturday and it is a lot of work, mainly indoors. Somedays we would cook and prepare things to be sold on the markets; on others, we would work on different projects (like filing wood, filling bags, cleaning the house…). On a few occasions, we do work more than 6 hours per day and on Saturdays, we spend around 10 hours in Amsterdam working in the market. It is fun and very interesting. We get to eat all the things we prepared along the week and we get a 45-60 min break.

The food is really really good and after 3 weeks I really felt health benefits, like my skin, it got better and I would fall asleep and wake up very smoothly. Even my humor was improved. I got to read a book on “macrobiotic” way of life and it really made me curious. I learned many recipes and though a lot about different ways of living. It was good for my personal growth.

If you ask the right questions, Hansa has many nice stories to tell, really funny ones and he loves talking about all the benefits of the macrobiotic life. Lang became a very good friend, we went out and talked about many subjects and had many laughs. Jalmar (Hansa’s nephew) would work with us and we could have some nice conversations.

I was lucky to have met 3 wonderful people that made the work lighter and my free time more fun. We would go out, to the beach and hang out playing cards and listening to music. I was lucky they were there with me.

Overall I had a good time while in Peaceplanet and I’m grateful for many things I learned there, but mainly for the people I met and for the strength and happiness I found within myself while I was there.