12 September 2016

My first experience as wwoofer, and I enjoyed it!
I spent 3 weeks there, and I wish to stay more, but I had to keep on the journey. The food is incredible, really good! and healthy!
I learnt amazing and new recepies to take with me.

The work is simple but require atention: packaging, filling, and cooking! and I had the opportunity of helping in the market one day, and I had the chance to see how is the famous organic market of Amsterdam from inside.

I felt at home, the house is very peaceful and full of light (what is really nice) and the company of Hansa, Lang, the family and the other wwoofers make the staying very interesting, I had the chance to know great people from diferent cultures and with valuable experiences.

I also practiced eating with chopstick, and kept me away from all of the sugar that I was used to eat (honey, and some refined prodcts), what I think is great because I discovered new and better kind of sweets hehe (:d) to enjoy time to time. And fruits and vegetables are always in the meals <3.

In my free time, I visited the nearby areas in bike:
Limmen is quite small, but is 10-15 min away from Heiloo, 30 min form Alkmaar (great place!!!), Castricum and its Sea is beautiful, and the forests amazing!

Thanks for everything!