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At the market in Amsterdam
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Welcome to Peaceplanet

If you are interested in macrobiotics you are welcome to live and work with us.

Experience macrobiotics in daily life in our family and natural food company.

  • Help in our stall at the organic food market in Amsterdam or Haarlem

  • Bake pies, cookies and cakes without sugar

  • Produce humus, pakora and khang pong

  • Deepfry samosa's and spring rolls

  • Fill grains, beans & seeds in consumer bags

  • Exchange ideas with people from all over the world

  • Assist Hansa in preparing macrobiotic meals

  • Work in the vegetable garden

  • Clean the house, the bakery and the shop

  • Prepare unique vegan icecream for the market

  • Improve your health with the best organic food

  • Visit Amsterdam and other cities or enjoy nature in the dunes and at the beach

Meet people at the organic food markets in and around Amsterdam.

  • Free bed & 3 macrobiotic meals per day

  • Share a room with an other volunteer

  • Enjoy working 5 days a week

  • Minimum stay 3 months

  • Work as a volunteer

  • We do not accept any drugs or medicines

We are inviting you to stay in our family and to share life with us.